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Tony Moran
runtime=1 H 31 Minutes
Audience score=210523 Votes
creators=John Carpenter

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This is for sure one the best horror movies i have ever seen. its also my favorite horror movie. it has one best musicals scores ever. and its just so suspenseful and done so wanted to focus and suspense and tension and not just body counts like some of the later halloween movies of course a great idea. The characters in this movie like Laurie Strode and Sam Loomis acted like real people not just your standred horror movie stereotypes. Michhael Myers is also an excellent horror villain too. i liked some of the other later halloween movies but There were to many sequels in this series and the first one was and is excellent and will always be a classic.

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Of course EVERYONE knows John Carpenters HALLOWEEN is an absolute CLASSIC Horror/slasher/
Thriller so no need to talk about the plot or story everyone already knows.
This was one of the first Horror movies i ever saw when i was way too young to really watch it lol but hey i loved it & watched it on t.v every time it was on at Halloween. Also had it on video & watched it loads but also i loved The Fog as much & remember both being played alot in my house by my mum so got know the music & atmosphere & the same with the excellent Halloween 3:season of the witch another one i grew up with & loved the creepy music & atmosphere & like The Fog it introduced me to the legend TOM ATKINS. love those movies.
I think the fog is a horror CLASSIC too it’s just as good but both absolute CLASSIC films. br>
Halloween also introduced me to the excellent Jamie lee curtis & Donald Pleasance. br>
Yes Halloween was a great introduction to Horror & one that is so rewatchable. A nostalgic CLASSIC & still one the greatest films ever MADE.
The Halloween franchise is abit of a mess,the only good films are of course the original classic,the excellent Halloween 2 (1981) the underrated Halloween 3:season of the witch,the fun Halloween 4:The return of Michael Myers,the excellent Halloween H20 & Rob zombies Reboot & sequel are both excellent films. But Halloween ’78 is « THE » movie that properly introduced me to the Horror genre & i became a massive fan since & it was tradition to watch this classic on vhs every Halloween or if it was on t.v i would watch it so yeah like most fans this 70′s CLASSIC means alot to alot of people & especially Horror fans.
My love for the Horror genre grew thanks to this 1978 CLASSIC & Jaws & The Fog & H3 season of the witch & Gremlins 1&2 & Ghostbusters 1&2 all these childhood greats helped shape my absolute love for Horror.

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